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Moving is difficult, and emotional as it doesn’t just mean that you’re shifting things, but shifting your emotions as well. And while you relocate, there are many chances of breaking things and other damages. Aparna had the same doubts when she had to shift, though it was local, the number of bad experiences made her reluctant to go further with the idea of taking help from movers and packers. She resolved to shift on her own, as she thought it was safer than hiring a moving company. But, would it be so? Aparna was doing her packing, and as the days were passing, the fact dawned upon her that she might end up either losing her precious things or might break her in the journey. The process was becoming nerve-wracking for her. She couldn’t stop thinking about what would become of the precious belongings that she had bought and saved for years. She couldn’t compromise on it, but she couldn’t see any alternative too. Hodophile, as she was, it was hard for her to imagine anything happening to her priceless items bought on her different travels in various countries. But, they say, there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel, you need to put your efforts until you reach there. And it was as if Aparna was determined to find a solution so after days of futile packing and making up schemes; she did the right thing.
While working from home, she happened to surf the web without anything specific in her mind. She started searching “the best movers and packers near me”, but what she was going to find was something that might force her to forget her previous bad moving experiences with unprofessional movers and packers. She started checking one of the few of the best movers and packers and came across Indilogmoving. As the rating was decent and seemed quite genuine, she didn’t waste any time and called on the provided number. She was amazed by how they listened to her carefully and stood by the motto of providing solutions to every moving need. After she hung up, she had made up her mind of going further with Indilog moving and didn’t even check other she had listed out. As a wise mover, she started packing her belongings from her end and marked what was delicate and what needed extra care. When she came to know the estimate from the company after telling them the amount, the cost that came out was unbelievably in her budget. Now, she was eagerly waiting for her moving day. Until now, all her doubts had vanished, but what happened next was beyond her imagination. Would she be able to book another moving company after she witnessed how her currents movers packing her things?
She was taken back when she found out that the owner of the company took the initiative amid the pandemic to look into the packing. It made her sure of her decisions, but was there more surprises she was to witness? Something that could change her perspective about the movers and packers and would make Indilog moving her go-to moving company?
After seeing the efforts and the type of service the company was providing, she was in awe of it. However, moving amid the pandemic was still worrying her; she was worried about her safety. When the moving day came, her anxiety level was touching the sky; however, she was quite confident about the services Indilog moving had promised. The moment finally came, and she observed how carefully the employees packed her belongings and started the process. She was quite relaxed by now and sat in her car to reach the destination. The team delivered the items safe and sound at her doorstep and helped her dismantling them. Later, when she recommended Indilog moving in her reviews, she stated that there were 100 of boxes and she didn’t even see a scratch on any of it. She was so happy that she offered the employees tip, but to her surprise, the owner returned her by deducting the amount in the full and final payment, her happiness was beyond explanation. She had found a gem in the hard times that helped her not only move but settle her things too. Also, she now believes that sometimes even google’s suggestions are worthy. Has it ever happened to you? Tell us your story in the comment section below!

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