How To Plan Your Relocation During Festive Season In 5 Simple Steps

How To Plan Your Relocation During Festive Season In 5 Simple Steps.png, Nov 2020

Pradyuman has had enough. He was tired and frustrated with walking and taking metros amid the pandemic. But, he wasn’t able to see any ray of hope to avoid traveling. He had to travel daily because his office had relocated to a fancy place from which commuting had become a daily struggle. He wasn’t able to decide as to what he should do, the place around the complex was friendly. It had a reputed school where he could put his daughter before the next session would start. And the market and other facilities were easily accessible. But, he couldn’t think of a way to shift his house, should he get someone’s help, and who he could trust amid these times. A million thoughts were running inside his head when he was approached by one of his colleagues who sensed his uneasiness. After a short discussion on coffee, his colleague gave a piece of advice he was refraining himself to think about, and that was about hiring a moving company. His colleague told him how easily the office had been shifted with the help of the moving company. And even Pradyuman couldn’t agree more; he could see how they had made this place into a working office in less than a fortnight. A lot of people think like Pradyuman when they have to shift and have confusion regarding moving companies; hence often they end up making a blunder and a bad memory. So, if you’re planning to move, we are here to provide you with the 5 best points that can help you relocate safely even during the festive season.

1. Plan Ahead: The most important reason as to why people fail to relocate hassle-free is they make spontaneous decisions that lead to a major failure of their plans. So, planning helps a lot while relocating. And, hence you’ll have time to research about the place and see to it if it has all the facilities near-by.

2. Pros and cons: Writing down the pros and cons is the best thing to evaluate your decision. Write down what will be the possible advantages of the place you’re shifting to and what possibly you can miss out. And, if you think the written pros are more than cons, then go for it.

3. Moving company: A lot of people just like Pradyuman don’t consider hiring a moving company for shifting a necessary thing whereas it is one of the important things to do when you plan to relocate. Your precious and fragile items in your belongings need great care and precision. Hence, you must not just hire packing and moving services to shift you, as it might result in more damage than any benefit. Research well on the internet, ask around, and then make your mind as to which company to hire.

4. List your items: Listing your items is must, this will give you an idea as to how many boxes of fragile items you have, and accordingly you can inform your moving company as well. This will give you an idea as to which item to keep aside and unpack first of all the items.

5. Pre moving survey: This is another essential step to keep in mind before moving, a pre-moving survey helps in giving you a particular idea about the total amount of the move so that you can make your budget accordingly.

So, these are the main points you must keep in mind to have a smooth move. Choose Indilog Moving for moving your precious to the smallest items with great care and safety. Call us at- 91 95550 50557, to get a free quote and celebrate this Diwali in your new home with the best relocation services of Indilogmoving.